Reichel & kol. - Patent and Trademark Agency

Reichel & kol. - A small firm of patent and trademark attorneys located in the centre of Prague, offering reliable and efficient service in the full range of intellectual property matters. We handle all aspects of trademark, patent, utility model and industrial design registration, including trademark watch, database searches, applications, renewals, technical translations. Specialist advice and assistance is provided in the following areas:


Protection of word and design trademarks which identify and characterize goods or services.


For the protection of inventions in all fields of technical and scientific activity. Patents are granted for any inventions which are new, which involve an inventive step and are capable of industrial application.


Protection for inventions of all kinds – similar to that provided by a patent, but the procedure is faster and less complicated and the costs are lower. However, methods cannot be protected by a utility model.


Unlike patents which protect an apparatus, product or process, industrial designs protect the appearance of a product that is new and capable of industrial application. The appearance may consist of the shape, ornamentation, arrangement of colours etc.


Protection of layout design for integrated circuits.

Litigation matters are handled by our legal associates. We also offer negotiation services and attempt to reach an amicable settlement of disputes wherever possible.

The firm works in close cooperation with patent and trademark attorneys and lawyers from around the world, and represents clients directly before the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic, the European Patent Office and OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market). Our clients in the Czech Republic and many other countries include small firms, large corporations and private individuals.


Czech, English, German and French


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